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What determines penalties for drug related crimes?

Residents of Pennsylvania who are facing drug-related charges may be concerned about how it will impact your future. This is especially true if you are facing felony charges. Marinaro Law Firm can illustrate the difference between drug-related crimes and how what you are being charged with can impact your potential penalties.

Muslims in america: the challenges they face

Today's social climate reflects a tension in regard to terrorism and terroristic threats. Repeated attacks around the globe have resulted in an increased nationwide anxiety. While these attacks are certainly heinous, there are many accusations of threats that appear unfounded. When a person is wrongly accused of a terroristic attack, his or her reputation and quality of life are inevitably put on the line.  

Defense seeks overturning of conviction

It is understandable that many people in Pennsylvania may feel as though all hope is lost after they have been convicted of a crime by a judge or a jury. However, it is vital that defendants remember that the criminal justice system guarantees them the right to fair treatment and a fair and full defense. In some cases, this involves the appeal of an original verdict or even the request to overturn a decision that has already been handed down.

Pennsylvania schoolgirls facing serious charges for food prank

The school years can be difficult for children and teenagers. They may not only have to endure bullying and peer pressure but can also be faced with difficult decisions. It is not always easy to know what is right and wrong, especially when friends are influencing them on what to do. However, it is important for children and parents in Pennsylvania to understand that some things that may be thought of as harmless jokes can be considered bullying and may even result in criminal charges.

When can I lose my right to own a gun?

If you are like many Pennsylvania residents, your Second Amendment right to bear arms is very dear to you. If you are like most gun owners, you are a good person who possesses, stores and uses his or her guns in a highly responsible manner. Even a good person, however, can make a mistake and lose his or her right to own a gun.

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