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How can I bounce back after my divorce?

If you’ve recently gone through a divorce in Pennsylvania, you may be experiencing a lot of tumultuous emotions. Working to get your life back on track is crucial in this case, whether that entails overcoming past regrets or transforming the look of your home. Psychology Today offers the following surprising tips on how you can bounce back after a divorce.

How can you tell if you are being stalked?

Few things are as frightening as being involved in an abusive relationship. You might have ended a romantic relationship and felt like you escaped, only to realize that the ordeal is not yet over. Like many other Pennsylvania residents, you could find yourself the target of stalking by an ex-spouse, a former flame or someone who developed an unhealthy interest in you. Understandably, you may want to know how to make this terrifying behavior stop.

Joint custody may be best for kids

Filing for divorce or legal separation is never an easy decision, especially when there are children involved. Parents may struggle when deciding whether to stay together for the kids' sake, or to separate and start over with their personal lives. One of the hardest issues to negotiate is that of child custody and determining if it is better for the child to remain in the sole custody of one parent or joint custody. Studies show, however, that when children spend a significant amount of time with both parents, they have better development, behavioral, social and academic skills than kids who spend the majority of their time with one parent.

What is gray divorce?

Even after your kids have left the roost and you're well on your way to retirement, you may feel like you aren't satisfied with your marriage. If you're over the age of 50 and decide to split from your partner, you will be joining many others in your age bracket in what is known as gray divorce.

How will divorce affect your taxes?

Pennsylvanian couples have a lot to consider during and after a divorce. In the heat of the moment, long-term changes may be forgotten. For example, after getting a divorce from your spouse, you will have changes to your tax exemptions and filing status that may affect your potential tax return.

Can I spend child support on whatever I want?

When you became the custodial parent after your divorce and began receiving child support payments, you might have received some unsolicited advice from others. A fellow single parent might have said you can spend child support on non-essentials. Your mother may have advised you to use the money for food and clothing for the children. Your ex might be asking you for receipts and giving you specific instructions on how to spend the money. Understandably, you and other Pennsylvania parents may wonder how free you are to spend child support as you wish.

Reclaiming financial health after a divorce

A divorce is said to be one of the most emotionally difficult experiences a person in Pennsylvania might encounter in their lifetime. However, the impact of a divorce can extend far beyond the loss of a partner and even friends that choose to go with the former spouse but to the lost financial assets and stability that one previously enjoyed. There may be no way around the fact that divorce can be a hard financial blow but it is possible to move forward and making a good plan is step number one in doing just this.

How do you decide who gets what post-divorce?

Every state has its own laws for handling divorce, Pennsylvania included. But exactly what should you expect from the state when it comes to property division? Pennsylvania is a state whose laws follow equitable distribution, which can impact how you may handle your assets and tackle their division.

Making summer positive with your ex

If you and your spouse in Pennsylvania are in the midst of a divorce, you may well be looking at the calendar and wondering how in the world you can make the fast-approaching summer a positive one for your children. Co-parenting is never easy and is its own ongoing art but it can feel especially difficult when your breakup is fresh as you are navigating unchartered waters. Fortunately there are some tips you can keep in mind to help you and your kids not only get through this time but make it happy and memorable.

Evaluating your divorce options before the new tax law

Now that the holiday season is well behind everyone, it is not uncommon for Pennsylvania couples to make the decision to end their marriages. Many people who have challenging marriages make the conscious choice to at least make it through the busy winter holiday time and then deal with their marital issues. For some, the holidays may be a time to reignite their marriages. For others, it is a time that confirms the decision to get divorced.

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