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How will you financially support your child post-divorce?

Divorcing Pennsylvanian parents have more than just your own financial situations and well-being to consider. You also need to decide how you will continue supporting your child. Marinaro Law Firm can help you understand how best to meet their financial needs even after your source of income changes with your divorce.

Top ways to prepare your wallet for divorce

In general, divorce is not easy for anyone. It often takes both an emotional and physical toll. In addition, without some planning, it can put a major dent in your finances. Even if you end up with a substantial amount of your marital assets, you might still find yourself in a financial mess if you do not make some key preparations.

Create an escape plan before leaving an abusive marriage

Despite the best intentions, not every marriage ends in happily ever after. It is especially tragic when one spouse is abusive toward the other. At the Marinaro Law Firm, we understand that domestic violence is a serious problem in Pennsylvania, as well as across the country. It is also important for you to understand the steps to take when escaping an abusive relationship.

Three potential benefits to bankruptcy before divorce

If you are like many spouses in Pennsylvania who is considering getting a divorce, you and your partner may be experiencing serious financial problems. Like it or not, money woes and marriage woes all too often go hand in hand and it may even be impossible to determine which came first. If your financial issues are extreme enough, you might even consider filing for bankruptcy. Depending on what type of bankruptcy is right for you, there may be benefits to this for your divorce.

Equitable division and martial property in a Pennsylvania divorce

During the course of your marriage, you have more than likely acquired a significant amount of property. Perhaps you have a home in Lancaster filled with furniture, a couple of cars in the driveway, and even individual retirement accounts. According to Pennsylvania law, everything that you and your husband have purchased, or received as a couple, is subject to division when you divorce. But who gets what? How does the court decide which property you get when you divorce?

4 mistakes to avoid during your divorce

Divorce can be messy, both emotionally and financially. While some couples have difficult and ugly divorces, others seem to breeze right through the process. Many couples find themselves somewhere in between. If you want your divorce to proceed as smoothly as possible, there are certainly things you can do to work toward that.

Postnup protection for at-home parents

You and your spouse in Pennsylvania may be happily married and this may lead you to think that you have no need for any type of marital contract. While certainly it is positive that you feel your marriage is healthy today, it is also important that you know how to ensure that you are properly protected down the road. If you are considering quitting your job to stay home and raise your children, creating a postnuptial agreement may well be exactly what you need.

What can a prenup include?

If you are in a romantic relationship that you believe may have the staying power to be a lifelong union, you may want to open up dicussions with your partner about creating a prenuptial agreement before you walk down the aisle and say "I do." While some people may think that such a discussion is the opposite of romantic, some people in Pennsylvania might find that it allows them to preserve their relationships and even enhance them by forcing couples to talk openly about difficult topics. This type of communication is important for a successful marriage. 

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