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Justice Dept. moves to shore up testimony about forensic evidence

The Department of Justice announced recently that it has created an internal "forensic science working group" that will attempt to address some of the longstanding issues around forensic evidence techniques and how they are presented in court. Its main goals will be to create a uniform set of standards about what analysts can say in courtroom testimony about forensic science techniques, and to set up a monitoring program to ensure they comply.

Think carefully about your actions when you are "on paper"

People who are on probation or parole are often said to be "on paper" by people familiar with the criminal justice system. If you are on probation or parole, you must ensure that you are in full compliance with the program's requirements. If you violate the conditions of the program, you could face legal action for a probation or parole violation.

Domestic violence charges in Pennsylvania

Many people in Pennsylvania who hear references to domestic violence or domestic abuse automatically think only of physical violence. This violence is generally thought of as inflicted by a man on a woman. While this may be the case, what can constitute domestic abuse includes much more than just this stereotype.

Simple and Aggravated Assault in Pennsylvania

If you are like most people in Pennsylvania, you have heard references to assault charges in many situations. This may be on television shows, in movies or perhaps even on the local news. But, do you really understand what types of actions can lead a person to be officially charged with criminal assault?

How do plea bargains work?

Have you been arrested for a suspected criminal offense in Pennsylvania? If so, you are well aware of the uncertainty that can accompany a criminal offense and process. Especially if this is your first time dealing with the criminal justice system, you can understandably wonder how the defense process works. One element of some criminal defenses is known as a plea bargain. Depending upon your situation, it may be appropriate for you to utilize this.

New Pennsylvania law allows some criminal records to be sealed

On February 16, Pennsylvania governor Tom Wolf signed a bill into law that would allow certain non-violent criminal records to be sealed after 10 years for individuals who have performed their sentences and not been re-arrested. Trespassing, vandalism and shoplifting, for example, would be some of the non-violent offenses that would be sealed under this new law. 

Email may bring a win for Cosby defense team

Many Pennsylvania readers have followed the criminal case against comedian Bill Cosby. The 78-year-old entertainer is accused of sexually assaulting a woman who was a former employee of the Temple University Basketball program in 2004. Now, an email from former District Attorney Bruce Castor to his successor Risa Vetri ferman could mean a positive turn of events for Cosby and his defense team. It seems that a verbal agreement between the former DA and Cosby could preclude the use of a civil deposition concerning another alleged sexual assault from being used in the current case.  

"Porngate" roils Pennsylvania's Office of the Attorney General

Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane has had her law license revoked and is facing charges of perjury over internal governmental disputes with roots in the 2012 child sex abuse case involving Jerry Sandusky, a former assistant football coach at the University of Pennsylvania.

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