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New bill to end financial bail

Many in Pennsylvania have gone through the financial pressure brought on by a loved one's need for a cash bond after being arrested and charged with a crime. Without the money, they were unable to leave jail, but coming up with the amount is sometimes difficult or impossible, and that can have serious repercussions on a person's life. Two senators have introduced a bill to try to change this system so that the ability to pay is not what keeps people in jail.

Nation urged to address addiction with treatment, not penalty

Over the past 15 or 20 years, Pennsylvania residents have become aware of a growing problem facing not only their local communities but the nation as a whole. The dramatic entrance onto the market of opioid painkillers to help manage serious pain has contributed to a deadly legacy. These highly addictive drugs have led far too many people down a negative path that may include criminal charges, time in jail and even overdose.

Possession of marijuana can still lead to jail time

With the current and growing acceptance of the use of marijuana for recreational as well as medicinal use in states across the country, Pennsylvanians should know that the criminal penalties still exist. Although possession of an illegal drug is typically considered far less onerous a crime than an act amounting to drug trafficking, sentencing rules do provide for prison time.

Should every school drug search be considered reasonable?

One June 1, a Sheriff and 29 deputies shut down a high school for four hours and searched virtually all 900 students. The searches were quite intrusive, with at least one boy reporting that his genitals were cupped or groped. Girls reported officers putting fingers inside their bras and underwear. It was confusing and upsetting to everyone, but especially to the special education students.

Drug laws: Possession, punishment and defense - Part 3 of 3

Having a drug conviction on your record can affect future job opportunities, acceptance into university programs, and even getting approved for a good apartment. Since drug laws in Pennsylvania are very strict, it is important to have a strong defense to fight against the charges. In order to win a drug charge case, the prosecutor must prove beyond a doubt that you knew you possessed an illegal substance.

Drug laws: Possession, punishment and defense - Part 1 of 3

It seemed like a simple solution to your back pain. Your close friend offered you some muscle relaxers and painkillers to get you by until you were able to go see a doctor. However, during a traffic stop, a police officer discovered the prescription drugs and charged you with the illegal possession of narcotics. Now you are wondering what to do next.

Pennsylvania may be next state to legalize pot

Pennsylvania residents have been watching other states over the past several years as some have elected to legalize the use of marijuana for recreational purposes. Certainly this is not yet the common practice in the majority of states but what started in Colorado and Washington has grown beyond that. It is only logical that the discussion about legalized pot should arise in other states as well.

Drug courts in Pennsylvania

If you have been arrested and charged with any type of crime related to drugs in Pennsylvania, you will have many questions. Among the things you should learn about is how the drug courts in Pennsylvania approach these types of cases. Drug courts can work with offenses related to illegal substances such as heroin or cocaine as well as legal substances such as prescription drugs.

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