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The dangers of driving drunk in the dark

In Pennsylvania, driving under the influence is prohibited. Driving at night, however, has no such restrictions. This may be somewhat unfortunate, considering night driving can actually contribute to crashes and can make it even more dangerous when inhibited drivers are on the road.

What may happen when cops suspect a DUI

When held under suspicion of driving while under the influence, there are a number of potential tests or scenarios that Pennsylvanian residents should be prepared for. This includes possible car searches, as well as certain tests that may be utilized to determine whether or not a DUI has really occurred.

How can you restore your driving privileges?

As a driver in Pennsylvania who has had your license suspended, you understand exactly how crippling this can be to your everyday life. It can impact your ability to commute, job hunt, look for new housing, and have a social life. Fortunately, there are ways that you can restore your driving privileges. 

DUI checkpoint effectiveness unclear

Most residents in Pennsylvania have heard reports about local law enforcement groups setting up special areas to scout for suspected drunk drivers. Often referred to as sobriety checkpoints, these areas can find traffic lanes coned off and vehicles stopped and question by officers before drivers are allowed to proceed. Those persons suspected of being impaired may be tested for suspected driving under the influence.

Challenging police evidence in DUI cases

When faced with DUI-related charges, Pennsylvanian residents may be wondering if there's anything that can be done to contest the evidence presented against them. As a matter of fact, there are. Police evidence can successfully be challenged in court, depending on what that evidence is.

Harsher DUI penalties might be coming

The term "drunk driver" conjures up a very strong stereotype for most people in Pennsylvania and that stereotype is anything but a positive one. The fact of the matter is that many highly respected, professional and responsible people can be or are arrested for driving under the influence every year. Driving a vehicle after having a drink or two is so common in today's society that to paint a negative picture in one's mind about DUI defendants is simply wrong.

How do different BAC levels affect your behavior?

In Pennsylvania, blowing .08 on a breath analysis test is considered to be above the legal limit, and you will face arrest. But did you know that your blood alcohol content level (BAC) doesn't necessarily need to be that high before you start having severe cognitive problems while driving?

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