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Does a drug conviction affect financial aid eligibility?

When your son or daughter leaves for college in Pennsylvania, you may have already discussed your expectations as far as his or her behavior in your absence. As anyone who has ever attended college can likely attest, however, temptation sometimes gets in the way of students’ best intentions, and at some point, your child may experiment with alcohol or drugs. If your child is receiving federal financial aid, however, a drug conviction can mean big trouble, because it can have a serious impact on his or her ability to retain that financial aid.

What is a drug conspiracy charge?

When Pennsylvania residents like you face drug-related conspiracy charges, you could be dealing with more potential consequences than you think. Your life may be ruined for the smallest interaction with someone who has bad intentions, and you might not even be aware of it.

New Justice Department policy encourages marijuana prosecutions

Pennsylvania is one of 29 states that have legalized marijuana for medical use. Seven of these states, of which Pennsylvania is not one, have gone further and legalized the recreational use of marijuana as well as its medical use. The marijuana industry is big business. Over 4,500 dispensaries across the country sell it, bringing in an estimated $6 billion per year. At least 27 of these dispensaries are in Pennsylvania.

Can law enforcement search your vehicle during a traffic stop?

Getting pulled over for speeding or other traffic violations in Pennsylvania is not all that uncommon. However, if a law enforcement officer pulls you over for a traffic violation and asks if he or she can search your vehicle, you do not have to consent to the search. In fact, you should not do so.

Defense alleges prosecution lacks evidence

Pennsylvania residents who hear about the arrest of someone for suspected drug offenses might well wonder what type of evidence officers need to produce in order to support this type of criminal charge. Every situation involving an alleged drug crime is different and the specific evidence therefore may vary as well. However, that does not negate the need for prosecutors to have evidence to back up an arrest or request to keep a defendant in custody.

U.S. opioid addiction continues to grow

People who hear or read reports of arrests made involving drugs in Pennsylvania should carefully consider that there may be more to the story than someone allegedly breaking the law. In many cases, people accused of drug crimes have underlying addictions or substance abuse problems that put them in the position of being arrested as they struggle with the vicious cycle of drug addiction.

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