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What differentiates medical from recreational marijuana?

Pennsylvania is a state in which medical marijuana is legal, but recreational marijuana is not. Marinaro Law Firm is here to help you differentiate between these two types of marijuana as well as explain the potential repercussions still tied to illegal marijuana possession.

Am I responsible for my own addiction?

Pennsylvania's Lancaster area maybe nationally known for its bucolic farmland and traditional communities, but residents know that there is also a thriving commercial and academic center in the city itself. And, as you are likely aware, with modern convenience also often comes some of the temptations of contemporary society.

Traffic stop leads to drug arrest of a Pennsylvania man

Pennsylvania drivers are wise not to carry anything in their cars that they do not want authorities to see in the event of a pull-over. A recent routine traffic stop led to an arrest of a 36-year-old man from Littlestown, Pennsylvania last weekend on charges of possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute.

Does a drug conviction affect financial aid eligibility?

When your son or daughter leaves for college in Pennsylvania, you may have already discussed your expectations as far as his or her behavior in your absence. As anyone who has ever attended college can likely attest, however, temptation sometimes gets in the way of students’ best intentions, and at some point, your child may experiment with alcohol or drugs. If your child is receiving federal financial aid, however, a drug conviction can mean big trouble, because it can have a serious impact on his or her ability to retain that financial aid.

What is a drug conspiracy charge?

When Pennsylvania residents like you face drug-related conspiracy charges, you could be dealing with more potential consequences than you think. Your life may be ruined for the smallest interaction with someone who has bad intentions, and you might not even be aware of it.

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